Motion detection intermittent

My new indoor security camera fails to notice all movement, or is delayed; it has failed to notice me entering the garage and leaving, or only just leaving after I have entered and got in to the car consistently. I have rebooted and reinstalled the camera and rebooted my router, toggled motion settings on and off. I have colour night vision switched on a too. Anyone has any advice?

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If i was you i would return for a full refund and go for a camera that actually detects motion when you need it, as these RING cameras seem to have all lost the ability to detect motion when you expect it to or detects everything you dont want it to.

Such a shame really as the whole concept of them and RINGS ethos is great. :cry:

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Experiencing the same random intermittent recording. Did you resolve the issue on your cam?

Exact same issue. I had a cheaper camera for years and never an issue. I’ve 3 cameras and bought some as Xmas presents and feel like returning them. Completely intermittent. Spots only some people on driveway and not others who are in exactly the same positions so it is nothing to do with different area. And then ring stop you from having a chat with them via their chat service about the issue which is really poor form. Come out and say if their is an issue and when it will be fixed or if it is a faulty camera.

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No, I lived with it as it was mainly for me to check the garage was closed (automatic door), rather than accidently opening it. I moved motion sensitivity down a little. No difference really.

Any chance ring could come on about this? It’s picking up only 20-50% of movement. Which is ridiculous and useless !

Hey neighbors! Please note that the issues within the app and the website could have been affecting this feature, but as of Nov 27, 11:44 UTC, a fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results. You can learn more about this at If you are still experiencing any further issues with your Ring devices and how they were behaving previously, I recommend giving our support team a call so they can look into this further. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I’m outside the USA and the chat service feature is not letting connect to you.
This issue is still happening . Only 30 minutes ago, it didn’t pick up a delivery . It is picking up more than before but still not all (getting 70% now , missing 30%) . And as I said , the location of the people coming into the zone is exactly the same. This is not reliable at all! What is the point paying the service for the year and having all of these cameras when it might not pick up the reason why they were purchased ? As security? Totally unreliable and very disappointed, as I said, I bought these to replace the older cheaper cameras that have SD cards. I have had to put that old camera back on now. I can even show you the person entering the driveway on the other camera , yet your device can’t detect it, and therefore there is no recording.

Well, we got the update to the system and noticed it was better…for maybe one day. Then it got worse. We restarted, moved the camera, changed the zone. We were at 70/30 now at 50/50. Not feeling very secure. Any other updates/options…other than scraping the system?