Motion Detection Iffy


I’ve had my Ring 2 doorbell for approximately 2 weeks now and have noticed that it is not picking up all motion. It has never detected the postman, and occasionally does not capture the car pulling in to our driveway which is located directly infront of the camera, however it does capture cars on the main road at the bottom of our front garden…

There is the tiniest of declines in our driveway, it is not a hill or a slope as such and there are no steps.

I’m a little concerned, as i’m not currently living in the house and was hoping to use this product as a security camera for any goings on whilst we are elsewhere.

Any help appreciated.

We just installed ours a few weeks ago as well and it’s not picking everything up. We have it installed at the door of our rental condo. The camera faces a hallway. The camera has missed cleaning staff coming in as well as people going by. I would be curious to hear the comments about this and why it is doing this.

Hey neighbors! Since everyone’s home and environment is different, it may take some trial and error for you to find the combination of settings that work best for you when it comes to motion detection. A few things you can check are the positioning of the Doorbell itself, as well as the Motion Frequency settings. These can both affect the motion detection on your device, as well as adjusting the sensitivity and the Motion Zones to see what works best. I hope that information helps! :slight_smile: