Motion detection doesn't pick up UPS or Fedex drivers

I’ve seen a few older posts and they also mention this but speculate about jamming, which I don’t see as particularly likely due to the fact that devices just on the other side of the wall continue to work.

Yesterday I had a UPS package delivery and got no motion detection notice. I did get one shortly after when I went outside to pick it up. This morning it happened again with a Fedex delivery. I also know the camera was working as I was able to switch to live shortly after hearing them drop the package.

It does pick up motion every day when the postal worker comes to deliver our mail. I turned off human detection to see if that was the issue (maybe UPS was blending in with leaves ?) but no luck. Now I get motion alerts for the bushes blowing in heavy wind but not for the Fedex driver.

What gives? I’ve been looking at the spotlight and floodlight cams for other areas in my house, but if I can’t trust them to actually capture motion, it seems I’m paying hundreds of dollars for security theatre instead of a reliable source of capturing footage.

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Same problem here, picks up every car going by but not packages being delivered?


I’ve turned up the sensitivity as I have another delivery later. I hope that works.

If I’m wrong and there is some sort of jamming (working in cyber security I feel this would be a bigger topic if this was the case. ) It begs the question as to whether other Ring devices can suffer this issue. Can someone disable the contact sensor on my door?

If motion detection isn’t working is it even worth paying for monitoring?

Some insight from Ring or Amazon would help a lot here. There’s far too many reports of it the cameras working in almost every situation except deliveries for it to be user error with camera position or “heat sensitivity”.


I had this problem ever since I got my doorbell in 2016. I must have a file in Ring Customer Service that’s 2" thick. They suggested I put a wedge behind the doorbell so that it faces lower to the ground. That didn’t work. Nothing they suggested worked. Now, finally my doorbell died, will not charge, nothing. So I bought a cheap Kangaroo video doorbell. That one too will record every car that goes by, and when my neighbors across the street walk out of their houses. Yet no recording the delivery services dropping a box right underneath the doorbell. I think it’s a plot.

After increasing the sensitivity, adjusting motion zones, and turning off person detection, here’s the outcome:

It did pick up the UPS driver that came later that day as they approached with a large box.

It failed to pick up the Amazon drivers that came yesterday and this morning. It did grab me, minutes later – with the same sun and cloud conditions-- going to bring the packages inside.

It did pick up a few cars driving down the street, where their wheels just barely skim the top of the motion zone. It picked up some tall grass blowing in the wind. It picked up me pilling into the driveway just at the edge of the camera’s FoV.

edit: and as of a few minutes ago, it picked up an amazon flex (the ones in blue vests using their own or rented vehicles rather than amazon vans) driver dropping off packages.

So far it’s missed a bit more than half of deliveries but picks up everything else which is very strange.

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The law few days have been substantially worse.

Not a single package (or USPS) delivery has triggered a motion alert. I have gotten plenty for cars driving by – even when outside of a motion zone – or when I, myself, go to to the mailbox or leave through the front door.

I had toggled HDR on to see if I could get better quality, but to test if that was the culprit I’ve turned it off this morning.

What’s the point of a motion camera that costs almost 200 dollars if it doesn’t do its job?

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