Motion Detection Distance Question

Hi, all,
I have a Ring 3 Plus.
How can I set the Ring so the camera starts recording motion when the person is farther away? Right now, it starts recording when the person is right at my door. I would like to see them approach from at least 20 feet away. I live in a condo and the camera is merely looking down a hallway.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi there, @Redleaf12! Your Video Doorbell can detect motion over 20 feet away depending on mounting and settings. The mounting height of your Video Doorbell should be around 48 inches off the ground. This is important as this height will help obtain the most optimal detection.

Sometimes, a mounting environment can have stairs or corners. Although you mentioned it was looking down a hallway, please consider any left to right, or up and down, angling adjustments that could be made. If so our mounting accessories at can help!

Last but not least, fine tune motion settings. For this case, we want more motion so let’s increase sensitivity and zone coverage. Checking all motion settings and testing them out will help you find what works for your area. :slight_smile: