Motion Detection and the Wedge Kit.

Looking at the diagrams on this site it appears the motion detection with the doorbell mounted at 4’ is consistent vertically from the doorbell out to the detction limit, in other words, 4’ all the way out is the detection limit. The lower detection limit is then angled downward as you go further away. It is basically a triangle, flat at the top, angle down according to your installation pics. If installed where there are steps, the wedge kit will change the uper limit so that the entire detection triangle is now angled down. Instaling different wedges changes this angle.

With all that, what is the angle of the lower limit of detection from the doorbell. Knowing this one could use simple geometry to calculate the correct wedge rather than trial and error.

Great question @Wally! While there is not set vertical field of view for motion detection, it is 180 degrees of coverage horizontally. Environments do not change much horizontally, but greatly differ vertically from home to home. Stairs or even a sloped yard can cause an inconsistency in detection. This is why we recommend Wedge Kits, which are angled at 5 degrees each and can be combined for a total angle of 15 degrees.

Take a look at our help center article on wedge kits to learn more. These should be sufficient for most any entry way :slight_smile: