Motion detected with no motion present

We have 2 of ring 2 doorbells. One of which in the last few weeks has started constantly notifying us off detected motion when there is nothing there. We can watch out the window and see that no cars, people, birds, or bushes have moved and it will still go off multiple times in a few minutes.
The other doorbell used to do this, but stopped just a few weeks before this one started.
I’ve gone through many settings changes and nothing seems to show it down. Does anyone know of any more trucks to try our is this just a faulty unit?

Hey @crmeds. What are you motion settings for the Doorbell that is having this weird behavior? What do the videos look like for this false motion?

We are having the same problem now. Changing settings and sensitivity makes no difference. Did you manage to fix this?



No, and it’s only gotten worse.
Mine are hard wired so they don’t get a “reboot” when recharging the batteries, so I’m about to try opening it up and doing a reset. Hope i can get to this by this weekend.