Motion Capture Cutoff

Should this device not capture a motion event until the motion has stopped? Or is it just on a timer? The latest event here shows a car pull up, a person gets out and is walking straight towards my door bright daylight good contrast continuous movement center of the picture and right before he gets to my door the video ends!! This clearly cannot be the way it is meant to operate. I have gone through all settings and there appears no reason for this to be cut short due to settings. (4.26 MB)

Hey @jropp1. For the Ring Video Doorbell 2, since it is a battery powered device, the recordings will be limited to 30 seconds. Your Doorbell should be able to pick up motion if it is still ongoing if you have your Motion Frequency set to Frequent. You can find where to adjust this setting under your Ring App > Devices > Doorbell > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency.

The default is Standard, so once you set this to frequent, there will be no downtime in between recordings for ongoing, longer than 30 second motion events. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here.

If after a motion triggered video is complete there is still motion all Ring cams will start a new motion triggered recording… BUT there is a “cool-down” or time interval before the new recording starts. This time interval is dependant on the actual Ring model (Battery/Wired) and its settings.

For Wired models the recording length is 60sec and the delay before a new recording starts is a few seconds.

For Battery models the max recording length is 30sec and there will always be a longer delay to help extend battery life. The delay can be reduced to a minimum by changing…

Settings > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency setting > Frequent

but this can shorten the battery life deoending on how many additional recordings are triggered. It’s a balancing act and the 30sec max record length is independent of how the camera is actually powered i.e. Battery model wired to transformer or solar is still max 30sec.

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