Motion and lights no longer work

This is my second Ring Flood with Motion and the same thing happened, worked great for the first few days and then the lights stopped turning on unless I’m directly underneath it, along with the motion sensing not sensing unless I’m close by. I checked my internet condition, looked at device diagnostic, checked my motion setting, and also my flood light motion area. Turned all of the settings to the highest setting and still nothing.

Is there a hardware issue with these things? How could it work perfectly and then turn to crap? I took a video of it not working if anyone is interested. (Go figure, can’t upload from my iPhone) All I want is a working camera. This would be a great system if it continued to work.

Hi @Steve21084. How high is your Floodlight mounted and is the bubble on the bottom parallel to the ground? Proper positioning is crucial to ensure that motion is detected accurately. I would also see if there is any additional adjustments that can be made to your Motion Settings. Let me know if this works for you.

It’s 9ft high, just like ring requires. Like my first light and my replacement light, it worked GREAT for the first few days then basically stopped working. I just came inside and walked my whole driveway without triggering the lights or the motion sensor. I literally had to go under it and wave my arms. I tried repositioning the camera, but that did nothing. The sensor is parallel to the ground. The camera is also pretty hot on the left side of your looking at the camera, which I find odd. Is there a hardware issue? I also turned all my settings up on high for motion and that didn’t help at all. Flood lights are on the widest range for detection and that didn’t help either.

I’ve been down the same road with customer service in the phone asking me the same questions. Hardware check, diagnosis test, health check, height check, motion sensor positioning. For a security camera, it doesn’t make you feel very secure. I have a video of me walking down my driveway and it not working, but you can’t upload iPhone videos.

I am having exactly the same problem as you. Bought and installed less than 3weeks ago, first the infrared night light stopped working. I woke up this morning and tried to check in but nothing is working.
Don’t know how to get my money back. I don’t want to pay electrician again for nothing.
I am not impressed at all with this product. It is expensive and I am still paying for something that is dead and not working.
Please help me get my money back. Thanks.

Fun stuff isn’t it? At night, when you want it to work the most, it doesn’t. Looks like they have a new PRO light out, I wonder if they would exchange these things that do not work to something that does work.

Still waiting for some sort of customer service to get ahold of me……hopefully my money ain’t wasted and this company stands by its products.

Hi Neighbors. One last setting that is often overlooked, is the Motion Frequency. I suggest setting this at Frequent. If it is on another setting, there will be a dwell time in between records and that could be why it is “hit or miss” with its motion detection.

If this doesn’t change things, I would suggest following up with our support team and asking to speak to our Neighbor Solution Expert team for a more in depth analysis of this issue. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

@Steve21084 When you went to Device Health, what is the RSSI level? I had similar issues with my battery spotlight camera, specifically delayed start of recording even though well within motion detection zones and sensitivity all the way up. Then I got a Chime Pro. The RSSI level improved dramatically and with earlier detection too. I also note you have an issue at night. I have determined that lighting also impacts the moment of detection. No matter what I did, the recording would not turn on at the outer edge of the detection zone BUT with my porch light on, it helped the camera to “see” the motion earlier and therefore start recording earlier as motion sensing at night with cameras relies on PIR detection, which is looking for heat

Exterior lighting also dramatically, and I mean dramatically, increases resolution.

One more tip, these PIR sensors active at night are much more effective for motion moving across them, as opposed to heading straight at them. Try to aim your camera in a way to detect incoming motion acaross the sensor. So check the RSSI level, try turning on a porch light or equivalent, and check position of camera relative to incoming direction of motion.

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Thanks for the tips and suggestions. All I can explain is how responsive the lights were between day 1 to day 4 and then after day 4, I can’t even jump in front of the floodlights yo get the lights to turn on. I have to walk directly under the lights for them to turn on. I mean, I could get 80 dollar motion sensing flood lights at Depot or Lowe’s and they would turn on better than the ring camera.