Motion and Alert zone

Currently we have motion zones that we can alert on, I find that a lot of people walk over my drive in a daily basis and I simply don’t want to be alerted 500x a day but I do want the motion recorded incase any damage is recorded

Currently I either have to reduce the motion zone to just by my front door, or turn off all motion alerts.

It would be great if we could set a motion zone that records all motion without altering and another ‘alert’ zone that alerts if there is motion in a certain area.

So splitting alerts and motion rather than them being one in the same.


I have the same suggestion. I want to get notified when people show up at my front door (motion zone 1), but I don’t want to get notified when cars show up in front of my house (motion zone 2) yet I want it recorded (I live in a cul-de-sac).

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This is a feature I would also like to see. I have one zone infront of my door I’d like to just record but another zone that only somebody up to no good would trigger I’d like notifications on

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Same here. Unfortunately there are many duplicates of this request so vote there too

I’ve got the same request