Motion alerts reset

A few days ago, I started getting motion alerts from all of my cameras. I’ve had them disabled for months, but something enabled them. I was able to go into each camera and re-disable them, but I’m also now getting motion alerts from my Ring smart lights, and I see no way to disable those under Devices->Lights-Mylight. There is a toggle for Motion Detection, but not one for Motion Alerts, as there is for the cameras.

  1. Why did all of my Motion Alerts get enabled suddenly?
  2. How do I disable Motion Alerts for the lights?

The Smart Lighting Motion Alerts toggle will appear in the Light Group settings in your Ring app. Please ensure the desired Smart Lighting device is added to a group. You can also schedule motion alerts via the same group settings. :slight_smile:

As for motion alerts enabling, this could be due to Modes, scheduling, or even geofencing you may have enabled in the Ring app. Going over all of your settings and features in the Ring app is the best way to ensure nothing is conflicting your intended use.