Motion alerts ok but no ring alerts

Hi all,

I’ve been using my Ring Doorbell for quit a while now and find it a great bit of kit. However since a few weeks I don’t get any alerts when someone rings the bell. I get notifications when there is movement but no notifications when someone rings the bell. I have checked the obvious (motion settings on doorbell, notification settings in Android), also uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Very strange. Just suddenly stopped working.

Any ideas anyone?



No notification when Ring Doorbell 2 was presse?. I hear ya. Last week I got no notifications at all so I spent a few hours on phone and online with three Help reps in the Phillipines and then started getting email contact from their supervisors via my email but not with my name on them and none were addressing my issue.

I chose te remove the app. Reboot. Add the app.

It worked.

Do not do this yourself though as I just may have been lucky. I urge you to contact Help; maybe you will have better luck then me

Hello geistTheSTisSilent,

have already tried the uninstallion and installion but no luck.

Strange thing is that on my phone I get alerts on the lock screen that there is movement bit not when they ring the bell.

Even when phone is unlocked I get no notifications or sound when the doorbell is pressed. Luckily my analogue bell does ring.

Very strange.

My Ring II doorbell is also missing the actual doorbell activity. Today I watched someone walk to my door, press the doorbell (I was watching out a window)…no notification on my Android Cell Phone. I was 3 feet from my modem…not even a motion detection notification. I rang my doorbell 5 times and still no ring or motion detection. It was installed 4 months ago by my security company…they came out and checked it last week. According to all of their tests, it is working…they say it’s an issue with RING.

Not quite sure I’d reccomend a RING doorbell to anyone right now…