Motion Alerts Notifications stopped working iPhone/iPad

If mine isn’t fixed within a few days I’m uninstalling mine and canceling our service! We have androids. So it’s not an ios problem. Sorry that’s how I feel. Seems too coincidental right now don’t you think?

Update: Just received a notification by email from Ring someone signed into my account on the 12th and checking to see if it was me! Only if I borrowed Marty McFly’s car!

Yes me too! And now they have a feature (Modes)
to turn off notifications while you’re home (don’t know if it still records?!)…not just snooze. Apparently they believe we all sit by the door or windows looking out! :roll_eyes:

Got SAME help and answer. Apparently that’s not working #products:app!

Your comment was completely uncalled for and I don’t appreciate you hijacking my post. If I could find a way to report this I would.

Mine magically started working again in the middle of the night last night - exactly a week. I’m relieved that I don’t have to call them. Thank you all for your comments (all except one, that is).