Motion alerts defaulting on its own?

Hi - been using the ring now for a couple of years. Is it possible for motion settings (the zone area) to change back to perhaps a default?

I have the zone created to extend past my porch to cover the drive way and it’s good for a couple of weeks. Then when I notice I’m not getting consistent notifications - I go in to look and find that the zone is moved back to just cover the front porch.

This has happened twice in the last month. Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi there, @edwch! Your motion settings should not change unless you change them, or have a reoccurring feature, like motion scheduling, setup. It sounds like you are using the customizable motion zones, in which certain device models will have a slightly smaller field of view compared to the motion area. Check out our Community post about customizable motion zones, to see if this is the case. :slight_smile: