Motion alert triggered by sound?

Since some time, my floodlight camera creates a false alert almost every time a car drives by.
I checked the detection zone, and it’s far enough from the road, so the alert is not triggered by motion. I also set the sensitivity to the lowest level.
I have the feeling the alert is triggered by sound - every time a ‘loud’ vehicle passes. Is that possible? If so, how can I disable or adjust the sound trigger?
If not, what else could cause the false alerts for vehicles passing on the road?

I hadn’t considered sound as the trigger. I have the same problem but only at night. I thought it was car headlights even though the lights are outside the detection zone. Worse, the lights get triggered but it doesn’t always trigger the camera.

Sound detection, like in another cameras, would be a nice feature!


I happens at daylight, as well as in the night. So I don’t suspect headlights to trigger the motion alert.