Motion Alert not advising on Spotlight Cam.

I set up my new Spotlight Cam and the app. The motion sensor does not alert my phone even though the motion area is set up correctly. All the blue motion alerts are switched to on. Now and again it alerts but not every time which is very strange indeed. When bushes move outside in the wind it sometimes chimes on my phone with the the alert. Letr on I would go outside and dance around in front of it and nothing happens. Do you know whats wrong or how to fix this issue. Iphone 8 plus being usedwith the app. I have swithed the phone on and off.

Hey @Will1! If notifications are only sounding sometimes, I recommend checking things like bluetooth, other apps, or silent mode isnt interfering. Try also connecting to wifi only, as well as data only, on your mobile device to test if either has a better connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: