Motion alert no motion in video

Hi, My Ring2 alerts me to motions (and sometimes i actually see what it’s alerting to) BUT there is no motion on the recording just the street/property that in it’s vision. IE a car drives by and I get an alert BUT the video doesn’t record the car. I’m guessing it’s starting the recording to late to capture the event. Is there anyway to adjust this?

Hi @mikec041! The Video Doorbell 2 detects based on heat signatures, which can sometimes be triggered by a passing vehicle or nearby roadway.

If the vehicle is passing left to right it may not be captured or recorded depending on variables like speed of travel, distance, and field of view. If you are wanting to capture vehicles, I recommend angling your Doorbell so that it is able to detect a vehicle ahead of time.

Adjusting motion sensitivity and motion frequency can also help with the distance and rate at which motion will detect. Check out our Community post for a visual and tips on motion with your Doorbell 2! :slight_smile: