More than initial ring from doorbell

When you press the doorbell button it chimes and rings our physical bell. But if you press the button again it doesn’t do anything. Every time you press the button it should be able to ring the physical bell, and have the option to electronically chime.

That’s exactly what the software of the Chime and Doorbell should do by setting. If somebody presses again just 3 seconds after the first time, it should ring again.

Also The amount of rings should be adjusted in the app. It’s just simple software.

Last night, our deck caught on fire in the middle of the night while our whole family was asleep. A concerned citizen passing by stopped and came to our door to try to wake us up and get us out of the house. He stood there pressing the doorbell 100+ times for it to ring only once, which was not enough to wake ANY of us up. The fact that it does not ring every time it is pushed is absolutely going to get people killed! This is so beyond unacceptable in emergencies. Please fix this!

After pressing the doorbell once, the door bell doesn’t allow to press the ring button again for a long time. Either the callers should be allowed to ring again after a shot period or there should be a setting to set this delay timer in between the two consecutive rings.