Monitoring - I need more than 7 days to test


I have a new Ring Alarm system and a few cams. Will be installing slowly over the next week or two. I will be signing up for monitoring but I will need more than the 7 days for testing without notifying the Police, Fire, etc.

Can You contol the monitoring or put in test mode?

Can you request 30 days testing?

Should I simply not signup for monitoring until I am ready?

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You can either wait or when it’s active, you can turn it to self monitoring. You can choose professional monitoring or self monitoring in the app. So you can change this at anytime.

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Changing your Monitoring Type

You can exit the 7-Day Practice Mode at any time, by changing your monitoring status. Once you leave Practice Mode, you can’t re-enter it at a later time. But once you sign up for Professional Monitoring, you can switch between Professional Monitoring and Self-Monitoring as needed.

To change your monitoring status:

In the Ring app, open the menu.
Tap Location Settings.
Tap Monitoring.
Tap Monitoring Type.
Choose the new type of monitoring you want.
If you enable Professional Monitoring, you will be prompted to choose a Primary and Secondary Contact and a Verbal Password.
If you are in Practice Mode, you will need to Exit Practice Mode and confirm that you want to exit.
If you are enrolled in Professional Monitoring and want to change to Self Monitoring, tap Self Monitoring and confirm that you want to end professional monitoring.
If you are enrolled in Self-Monitoring and want to change to Professional Monitoring, tap Professional Monitoring and confirm that you want to enable professional monitoring.