Mode schedule

Why is this topic dead. Where is the RING team on this? What use is this forum if the RING team never looks at it or responds? THIS IS A CRITICAL FEATURE FOR USABILITY!


RING DEVS, please listen and add this simple feature. You did it for the alarms, now do it for camera modes please.


I concur and have proposed this in the past too. Makes total sense especially as @Brent_R points out has been added for the alarm, and should be a core feature rather than considered a “bells and whistle” type of feature. What I mean is many requests on this board tend to be for more ancillary things, but this should be a core, inherent feature.

Folks let’s upvote this request. Ring does listen as evidenced by features they have introduced based on requests here!


Yes, I already asked it last year. Can’t believe they just ignore us !

Probably too busy with the Space Race :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ring team this is a huge product gap that many members have been requesting for a long time. Please replicate the functionality of alarms or notifications for actual video recording!

Looks like it’s pointless asking anything in this features request group, all requests are over 12 months old and nothing is added, can’t believe this isn’t a thing along with a night mode ffs.