Mode schedule

The modes function is great and long overdue. However, it would be really nice to be able to set the mode based on a schedule. Specifically, I would like to always go to the home mode at a certain time every night in case I forget to change modes.


I concur. Having the ability to schedule modes would be a great feature. One example of how this feature would be highly beneficial is the person who is having a busy morning and forgets to set “Away” when they leave for work.

I bought ring battery cameras to secure my apartment complex of 100 people at night as we are constantly burgled. However without a mode schedule the battery is drained drastically during the day when we don’t need it to record activity. Yes you can manually change mode to disarmed to avoid it recording movement but if you forget to turn it back on at night and you are burgled that small mistake just cost you $10k or someone’s well being. Please give us a mode schedule not just a motion schedule. Thanks



I have requested scheduling functionality at least twice in the past two years. I am a board member of a small condominium complex. We installed a Ring alarm system in our condo garage after a break in. All owners are using the app, but forget to arm the system at night, leaving the garage vulnerable again. We would like to arm the system at midnight and disarm at 6 AM automatically. How hard can it be to implement this?

Great idea. I recently updated my app and love the new mode feature - its something i have been hoping for because it saves battery life, but i keep forgetting to turn my outside cameras back on at night, so i stopped using it. Scheduling is a common sense feature, i spent quite some time trying to figure out how to set a schedule and was very surprised to find it was left out.

I like the Modi Settings also, but I would like even more if you can also schedule these!

So please make this selectable in the Motion Scheduling menu.

I totally agree and back this feature request. It would make me feel more comfortable knowing I’ve always had my away mode activated at night, and disarmed every morning before I get out of the house (and accidentally trigger the sensor.) It would be more convenient to be able to seamlessly connect this feature in Alexa as well. I think it’s not too much to ask since Ring is an Amazon company anyway.

PLEASE, Ring Dev Team, you’ve got to add this feature, it would make Home Modes so much more useful!

I agree with eryador

The ability to have the mode’s schedule is a well needed function.

I would use all the time because I could schedule the camera’s to ‘away’ when I am leaving for work, or when going to bed.

Then move back to ‘Home’ when I come home, or get up in the morning.

It’s a basic feature of most other cameras (eg. Ring)

I agree… custom modes would be great. I am new to ring and just configuring… i am disapointed with the options. Having only 2 active configurations is very limiting… I have no way to diffentiate things like “sleeping” where i want downstairs sensors all active, “office” where i am in my study so want some sensors active, "boundary: where i want exit doors active, “warm day” where i want some window and door sensors disabled others active, garden… and so on.

I agree with all of these that I have read! Is there a way that we can hear from the Ring Device Team as to the possibility of getting this feature and maybe when?

I am very surprise scheduling Modes wasn’t a GA feature. It’s a no brainer, why should I have to launch the app twice a day to protect my house? I have TP-Link light Switches and internal cameras, and they have this feature. It’s a big miss.

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This is a really important feature. If I go to bed before my wife or kids, my alarm will not be set. I need to schedule the alarm set to “Home” mode every night at a specific time. Please fix!

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Ring, we really need a way to schedule the alarm to Home, Away or Disarmed. This will avoid the “I forgot to arm it” before going to bed, work, etc. Having a timer count down during automatic arming would be ideal. Thank you.

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It is much needed feature. I had adt and adt has this feature. I cannot imagine ring does not have this basic feature.

I have requested this since they introduced modes ! And they never did it 🥲

How hard can it be ??

Its working for motion and chime silencing !

Ring, what keeps you from doing this ???

Like turn Home Mode on for 2hrs then return to back Away.
Would so convinient when the kids play in the garden. Last night it was all night off because I forgot to piut it on after the kids came back inside. Grr

Ring inplement it !!!

This feature needs to be aware of the current mode and provide ability to “increase” or “decrease”. eg at 23:00 “increase mode to home” (but not downgrading the mode if we’re on holiday and it’s already set to “away”).