Mode Schedule should only only disarm in Stay Mode

Currently, I have set mode schedules to arm the system at night and disarm in the morning while in stay mode. If I step out of town for a few days and arm the system in “Away Mode” the system will disarm next morning due to mode schedule. This is serious security issue. So, I have to remember to disable mode schedule every time I step out of town. It will be nice to have an option to disarm the system with mode schedule only if was armed in “stay mode”.

I have the same issue, I’ve had away mode downgraded to stay, then down to disarm via the mode schedule. It needs a control to ignore if mode set to away

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I was going to request the same. I set my alarm at night manaully to Home mode at night,. and have a schedule to disarm it in the morning at 6am. But it will just disarm the alarm every morning regardless. If I go away like you say you have to remember to turn it off. The schedule should allow you to say if in a certain mode then disarm/alarm. Not just a blanket disarm/alarm

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I’ve been looking for this also! This is a major security issue. I have to remember to disable my schedule or my house gets set to disarmed.

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exactly the same here. I have gone away and forgotten about the schedules. There really needa to be an option to tell schedules not to over-ride manually set modes.
it should have been included when the feature was added.

As this idea hasn’t received many votes yet so likely might be a long time before anything is done.
Might these be a couple of suggestions for folks as “work arounds”:

  1. remember what features/options that a device has that are in their homes
  2. folks use the app on their phone when they are away and need to make changes

Any other suggestions?