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Am I misunderstanding Modes?

I have a flood light cam in my garden. I have set ‘Disarm’ for the Floodlight cam not to detect motion (so I can enjoy low level lighting in the garden), but every time a move…boom…floodlight comes on? I thought I’d disabled that in Disarm settings. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding what disable motion settings means for this device ?

Hey @ISF2303. Disarming a camera via the Modes settings will only disable the Motion Detection from the camera and/or the ability to access the Live View. Therefore, the camera will not detect and record for motion, but the PIR sensor for the lights is not disarmed and may still pick up motion and turn the lights on from it. There should not be a recording with this, just the lights. You can learn more about how to control your lights here.