Mode Decided Motion Notifications/Recording

It would be great to be able to set my indoor camera to only record motion and notify me when in a particular mode. Currently I have to turn snapshots off as well (as they’re all connected) to allow this, meaning that the camera only serves as a live view function. In disarmed mode, it would be great to still be able to get snapshots and live view, just to not receive motion notifications or even for it to record it, but then to automatically start doing so in home/away.

Hi @louigiwebb. Have you considered setting up a Motion Schedule for you Indoor Cam? This will allow it to use Snapshots and Live View but you won’t be notified for every recording. You can learn more about Motion Schedules here. I hope this helps.

@Tom_Ring There is a better way to solve this, and that is to allow us to turn on/off motion notifications based on modes. If we’re in Home or Disarmed mode, notifications can be turned off but motion still be recorded, and then if we’re in Away mode, motion notifications can be turned on while motion is still being recorded.

This is a much better solution than your proposed one, because schedules assume you do the same thing every single day. I work from home and could very easily set up a motion schedule from, 7am-10pm Monday to Friday so that I don’t get notifications, but then what if I have to go out for a meeting during the day? I set my alarm to Away, but I still won’t get motion notifications unless I remember to disable the scheduling. And then what about weekends? I’m always doing different things at the weekend, just like most people, so I might be out or I might be at home - I can’t set a schedule for that. This is why adding a separate toggle for motion notifications on each mode is essential and would solve @louigiwebb 's issue (and tbh everyone’s issue, I just don’t understand how this isn’t a bigger problem) much more roundly than your solution.

If you have a new feature suggestion look here (Feature Request Board - Ring Community) to see if someone has already posted the same suggestion and vote on it. If there isn’t one create a post yourself. If enough people vote for the suggestion, then Ring might notice and consider it for a future product/software release.

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Hi @BananimusPrime. Thanks for sharing your feedback as well as linking to this request from our Feature Request board. I’ve marked your response as a solution so that other neighbors interested in this suggestion can easily add their feedback and vote to the associated request. :slight_smile:

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