Missing Zwave Event when pressing keys on the Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen

  • I have a ring alarm keypad 2nd Generation
  • I am using it as a standalone device within my openhab automation environment
  • I have downloaded and read the Ring Alarm Keypad Zwave.pdf
  • I was able to successfully include it into my Z-Wave network and I can see receive the battery status for example. I can also see that battery information that sent on the zwave network when sniffing it.

However, I want to receive the keys that are pressed.

I am sniffing the Z-Wave network and I do not see anything that is sent to the control.

How can I tell the Keypad to send the keystroke to the controller, so I can receive it. Or how do I at all tell the keypad to talk to the controller when typing in a number or anything else?

Thanks for helping me

Hey there, neighbor. Excellent work getting your Keypad successfully setup with your hub, using our Zwave Technical Manual for the Keypad. While the Keypad can be added to other Zwave controllers, you will see the manual will list the extent of Command Classes, including notifications, available for the Keypad.

Using another hub does not increase access or functionality beyond the intended operation. This includes your Alarm History, which can also be seen in the Ring app or at Ring.com, when using a Ring Alarm system. As you are using a different hub, this experience can vary. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this as a request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile:

Marley I am nut using “another” hub. Though it seems weird to you the keyboard is the ONLY Ring device I have in my Z-Wave network. I am not using it as an alarm system (yet) but I want to use the keyboard as a Z-Wave device to receive keyboard key notifications to use them to control other devices.

So, let me rephrase my question:

Having only the keyboard, how can I make the keyboard send the keyboard strokes to my only controller? How does your hub communicate with the keyboard to receive notifications?

Thanks for your support

Hi @stefan.hoehn. To build upon what Marley said, the Ring Alarm Keypad Gen 2 is only intended to be used with the Ring Alarm Base Station for the purpose of arming/disarming the Ring Alarm system. Since there has been no testing on the Keypad outside of these parameters, functionality and use for other purposes is unknown.

Ok, but maybe someone or you can tell me how that arming and disarming works. How is the keyboard configured bythe hub? It most somehow communicate to the device. How does it know which PIN arms and disarms? And when entering the pin it must something back, doesn’t it?