Missing record between motions

Hi. I have been talking to my neighbour for couple of minutes. One motion ended 19.37.32 and while I was talking other motion started 19.37.55
I am missing about 20seconds of important record of conversation.
Any chance I can get them?

Hi @Courage96. Ring Doorbells and Cameras do not record continuously, only when you activate the Live View, motion is detected, or someone rings your Doorbell. After the recording finishes, that video will process and you can then view it back in your Event History with a valid Ring Protect plan. Since your Ring device was not recording during the 20 seconds you’re referring to, there is no video available.

If needed, you can also adjust the Video Recording Length in the Ring app to set how long your Doorbell or Camera will record when motion is detected or when someone rings the Doorbell. I hope this information is helpful, and let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: