Missing History

I had started using Video doorbell 3 plus for 20+ days now, recently added Ring alarm too. However today for some strange reason history only has one activity at 4:30 PM, since last night 11:30 PM no history until 4:30 PM, a gap of 17 hours and certain that my cul-de-sac had activity on Saturday. I didn’t change any settings in last few days at all.

Is this normal?

Hi @SmartDevices100. Have you triggered any test events on your Doorbell to ensure that it is capturing motion properly? You can test it by walking up to the Doorbell to trigger a motion alert and also pressing the button to trigger a ring. If it captures the event, it should be working properly. Any events registered by the Doorbell will appear in the Event History.

well, I did all those things, even checked battery status (was 42%). Even press the doorbell, it rang outside (don’t have a chime inside house). It just stopped all of suddenly after working 20+ days fine. Finally called, ring customer support, CSR couldn’t even reach doorbell remotely for soft reset. He asked me to open the doorbell, so unscrew face plate for battery, then was unscrewing 4 screws to ditach from wall and miraculuosly it started working. I am glad that it worked of its own, but doesn’t leave me a good feeling what if it happens in middle of winter and you can’t spend 30 minutes outside to screw/unscrew. As a safety, I bought another battery pack (read horror stories about solar pannel so didn’t buy as being in Chicagoland area). As part of this journey learnt about battery issues to and my experience so far conquers with everyone else, not expecting to last more than 33 days for me before I have to recharge (I would do replace as have another piece now).