Missing history

I am missing a delivery and suspect a porch pirate. My history says there was motion detected at my front door shortly after the delivery was made. However, when I open the video doorbell for the day in question, it says “No events on this day”. How can that be? History says the video doorbell recorded 27 motions and rings that day.

Thanks for sharing! Just to ensure our recommendation is accurate, please clarify if events are missing just from that specific event, or are you missing many events from your recording history entirely?

Feel free to share any additional observations related to this concern with your response.

I got an answer via chat. My monitoring trial ended on April 7 and I started the Protect Plus plan on the 9th. That explains why there are no videos on the 8th.

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I want to sign up for protection plan

No event today

I was messing with the setting and I hit the HDR for better picture quality. It started to post missing videos on my spotlight cam so after I turned it off and rebooted it everything was back to normal. Turn off HDR it will solve the problem!

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My ring has no event history for the last week not sure why? The last recording is April 9th!!

I noticed today that I don’t have any events in my history for the last month. There are multiple motion events per day that trigger the Chime to notify us, but when looking at the timeline it is blank. I compared the app and the website, and they both stop more than a month ago. I confirmed my subscription is good for another month and set to renew in May.

Any suggestions or tips?

Update: after posting here yesterday that the event history hasn’t updated in a month, this morning an event registered in the app and on the web. :man_shrugging:t3:

You will need to confirm your Protect Plan subscription status if your video recordings are not saving or your recordings are not showing in your event history. This can be done by logging in at Ring.com via web browser and clicking the Protect Plans option on your Dashboard.

Playing your recordings from the event history via the web browser is also a great test to see if your recordings work and are there. If you are needing to subscribe to a Protect Plan, visit our Community article for steps on subscribing.