Missing doorbell activity

Hi I have Ring doorbell pro wired for power to fuse box and then ethernet cable attached to hub with a speed of just over 900mbs download and over 150mbs upload. I have tried resetting the camera, changed the cable and deleted the app and reinstalled it, changed the length of videos from 50sec to 2mins and back, put it on people changed zones. So why am I still missing activity and what else should I do other than going with someone else.

You didn’t specify but if you are missing activity of someone quickly going to your door and then leaving (say all of 10-15 seconds) then your doorbell hasn’t woken up in time to record the behavior.
You can improve that by tweaking your Frequency and Sensitivity settings.
Also, what I’ve done to help mine is get another camera that detects motion for my driveway that leads to my door. Then it wakes up my doorbell by the time it senses motion and records.

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