Missed notifications on Samsung Family Hub Fridge

A few months ago I started having problems with my Ring app on the Samsung Family Hub Fridge. When the doorbell rings notifications are not getting to the fridge - at least not all of them. It’s intermittent. I receive them all on the app on my phone. Most of the time the fridge does not wake up and broadcast the live feed as it should. It usually registers less than 50% rings on a given day. I thought it has something to do with wifi going to sleep mode but I cannot find it anywhere. The fridge runs on Tizen. My Family Hub is on: TIZEN 6.0 (AFH-US-KTM-21-XXXXMU 20210813_055302) RS5300T V4 and Ring app is on version: 6.1.2. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @A_J. Try checking out this thread here. These neighbors share a similar concern and some were able to figure out a way to make this work.

Thank you @Tom_Ring . The thread you recommended talks about users being logging off. I don’t have a problem with that. I am logged on consistently without problems. My problem is that most of the rings are not getting into the fridge. I even tried factory restore to no avail.

When you contacted Samsung support about their product not waking up for notifications what did they say?

Hi @A_J. This could be due to the limitations of the Samsung Ring app. This app is created and maintained by the Samsung team. It is possible that some of the newer devices may not show up in the Samsung Ring app because the app has not been updated to support these newer devices. As @SolarEclipse has suggested, you may benefit from contacting the Samsung Support team.