Minor Enhancement Request: Add Wildlife Category

I would like to request a minor software update to the Ring Neighborhood app: please add a new post category of ‘Wildlife’.

It’s not that I personally want to post videos of wildlife. That’s not why we bought Ring. Instead, we bought it for security reasons and that’s why I have updated my Neighborhood settings to be notified only of Safety, Unexpected Activity and Crime postings.

We live in Colorado Springs in the foothills below Pikes Peak. Wildlife is common here. It’s neither news nor a safety issue, yet people constantly post videos of bears, bobcats or other wildlife. Because there’s no other appropriate category, they post these videos under ‘Safety’ and consequently I get notified. In some instances, we are awakened by a “Safety” notification that turns out to be a bear taking a bath in someone’s backyard water feature. When I post a comment complaining and suggesting these kinds of posts belong on Facebook or Nextdoor, I get a few neibhbors who agree with me, but mostly people either say how cute the videos are or they attack me personally for objecting. I don’t mind others posting widllife. I just don’t want to be notified and that’s not why we bought a Ring doorbell and Floodlight Cam.

Please, please, please add this minor change to your next release.

This is my exact concern in the Pacific NW!!! I have contacted Ring with this exact concern almost verbatim! They have not responded. I am so sick of my phone alerting me of a coyote siting in the middle of the night, posted under safety!

This times a million!!! Getting bombarded with safety alerts for coyotes wandering around, sometimes in the middle of the night! It’s ridiculous. It is not a safety issue. Please make a separate category for wildlife, so that those who want to be alerted can be, and the rest of us don’t have to be bothered by these ridiculous alerts under “safety”. Please be more responsive Ring, this has been asked for four years at this point!