Migrate from Nest Hello to Ring Pro

Anyone migrated from Nest Hello to Ring wired doorbell, such as Ring Pro (or Pro 2)?

Thinking of doing it but want to understand whether one can just change the actual doorbell unit and that’s it, job done? Or whether any of the other ‘electrics’ elements (eg the transformer) need changing?


Great question, @mcdunne100! For the most part, our devices are designed to be quickly and easily installed. As you know, when it comes to powering devices via wiring, there can be some additional steps needed.

The Video Doorbell Pro will operate on 16v to 24v of AC power, which is what most standard chime kits and low voltage transformers will provide. It is common for neighbors be able to connect wires at the door to the Doorbell Pro, install the Pro Power Kit in the Chime Kit, and complete a setup in the Ring app on the first try without anything further.

Of course, this is not always the case, and through completing many installs myself, I’ve put together this Hardwiring Checklist for the Doorbell Pro that includes any factors to consider and links to helpful resources. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I’m sure you guys know what the spec is for a UK Nest Hello - and therefore should be able to confirm whether or not it should be possible to just disconnect the Hello at the front door and connect the 2 doorbell wires to the Pro without anything further needed…?

So, seems no-one has gone from Google to Ring? And most people on internet seem to have changed from Ring to Nest (and been quite happy).

So maybe I’ll stick with Google Nest doorbell…?? Struggling to see why I would risk the change?

Hey @mcdunne100! To compare the different models, you will want visit the Nest tech specs page here for the wired Doorbell you own. The hardwire power requirements for the Video Doorbell Pro 2 are 16-24V AC, 10-40 VA, 50/60Hz, which can be found in the tech specs section the above linked Ring.com page. In the technical specifications, you will also see dimensions, wifi connection, and other helpful information that you can compare to your other IoT devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Anyone? Do you just leave the Nest come connector in place?