MFA is poorly implemented

Thanks, Ring. You have forced me to turn off MFA.

First, good luck trying to use MFA on Android, with Android 12, where the geniuses at Google have decided that we don’t need a Back button. OK, fine, but if you are lucky enough to get back to, say, Ring during Alexa linking, you are prompted for both a password (for the second time!), and the MFA code (WTF? Why didn’t you provide a way to supply it the first time? Morons.)

Really - you’ve probably had Android 12 for many months at this point - you couldn’t have worked out the ballet involved in MFA on Android and account linking by now?

Admittedly, this is much of Google’s doing, but can Ring not provide some guidance on how to use bloody MFA in this new regime? This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in years, literally.

P.S. Part of the problem is that by the time you successfully get back to Ring, if you do, the code has expired.

…of course, you can no longer turn off MFA because Ring (or insert company name here) knows best. But, at least I could change it to use SMS, so was able to recieve a code without having to do the app-switch-dance.

Thanks, Ring. You’re becoming Microsoft, where we’re no longer in control of our things. All because you know better.

Interesting, I’m using Android 12 on my Pixel with MFA just fine. There is a “go back” gesture that you can use.
If you have the Pixel Tips app check out Navigation on the 2nd page. It shows how to “go back.”

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