I would like to know if this product will work in Mexico? My elderly parents live in Mexico and I am looking to ensure that they can see who is that the door and video of the caretakers. what products would you recommend for both inside and out?

Hey @taylorshort. We do indeed work in Mexico and are supported in Mexico for our Doorbells and Cameras. You can see what devices are available in Mexico here. For indoors, I recommend a Stick Up Cam Wired so your parents do not have to worry about charging the battery for that device, and then a Ring Viedo Doorbell 3, as it is our newer battery operated Doorbell and easy to manage. Feel free to get them a spare battery so they can always have a fresh battery to swap out with the Doorbell 3’s battery gets low. :slight_smile:


Hi, I want to buy an alarm kit for friends and family in Mexico, would they be able to have the monitor service through ring protection plus in Mexico???

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Hi @jgonzalez. At this time, the Ring Alarm system is not available for purchase or use in Mexico. You can always check and see what devices are available in your region by going to the country selector on our website here and choosing your location. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Got it, looks like you have cameras, floodlights, and the doorbell with the app. If I send down to them an alarm kit could they install it even though they don’t have the monitoring in their area?

@jgonzalez We advise against purchasing a Ring Alarm system designed for use in the United States and trying to use it in a different region. It will not meet local guidelines and regulations for alarm systems and is not guaranteed to work.

I bought a Ring alarm and installed it in my home in Mexico, it works perfectly. And I can arm and disarm from the US

Hi so I just spoke with Nicole from ring, and they assured me I can still set up the alarm system, it will be self monitored? I just wanted to make sure that’s correct before I spend the money and take down to Mexico….

@arturofenno Since we do not offer the Ring Alarm system in Mexico at this time, we cannot guarantee it will work. I apologize if you received any misinformation from our support team, but we do not recommend using the Ring Alarm system in Mexico as the system isn’t designed for use there and we can’t guarantee it’ll work properly.