Mechanical doorbell chime issue


Ring no longer supports the mechanical doorbell wired into your house. I called support and they were unaware of this. I had to tell them about internet screenshots from a troubleshooting article posted Feb 2021 where you can access the mechanical doorbell setting. That setting is no longer in the app.

Ring tech support suggests to buy a $29 chime to add an indoor chime back to my system. This is unacceptable that they disable the function then expect the customer to buy another ring product.

I will be buying another product, just not a ring product.

I am now shopping for a doorbell from a different company to replace my ring system.

Why do you think you need the app to set up a mechanical chime that many houses already have?
I setup mine without needing the app by following these instructions.
Connecting Ring Video Doorbell to a mechanical door chime – Ring Help