Mechanical Chime w/Ring Power Adapter


Just a quick question with regards to the Ring power adapter. I have a Ring Doorbell Pro hardwired to a mechanical chime. I noticed that there is not enough power for the doorbell to function properly. I can’t seem to locate the transformer, therefore I can’t upgrade the power via new transformer.
My question is, can I connect (hard wire) BOTH the mechanical chime and Ring power adapter together, or is it one or the other.


Hi @CT22. If you are referring to the Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation), then this will only be connected directly to your Pro. You cannot wire in a mechanical chime when using the Plug-In Adapter. Since you will no longer use your mechanical chime, you can use our Ring Chime to have an audible alert in your home when someone rings your Doorbell. You can also integrate Ring with Alexa to have your Alexa devices announce when someone rings your Doorbell. I hope this helps.