Meaning of symbol on ring doorbell app

What does the symbol of a vertical line mean that shows up on my ring doorbell app? Occasionally in between the motions detected that show up in the blue banner, there will be a vertical line in between the blue banners and there’s a gap between the motions detected. As an example, we had a car pull up in front of our house today (a friend) and when we went out our front door to visit with our friend, it doesn’t show us going in or out of our front door and it doesn’t show our friend leaving, just arriving. Why is there this gap? And why is there a vertical line that shows up in this gap? Does that mean it was somehow paused or disabled?

Hi @cassadysheila. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Ring App? Your Ring Doorbell is not going to record continuously or record 24/7, which is why you may not see every event recorded especially if they happen back to back such as what you’re describing. You can adjust the Motion Frequency settings to help adjust for repetitive patterns of motion that happen back to back. I hope this information helps, and I’d be happy to take a look at any screenshots you share to see what you’re seeing in the Ring App. :slight_smile: