Make Ring home everywhere App available on the fire tablet

Title speaks for itself. There must be some shenanigans going on here. Either Ring is sabotaging fire tablets or Amazon is saboting ring in favor of blink cams. And if its the former amazon is going to make ring exec heads roll out the door when their foolish agreement ends.

The ring home everywhere app runs perfectly on my fire hd 10 when sideloaded. I’m sure it does on most of the the later generation fire tablets. Even without google play installed. So something is fishy here… and its going to backfire on both companies.

The only thing that doesn’t work is live notifications in system tray, everything else does. But it did work when someone sneaked the app into the amazon app store before ring removed it in less thena month lmao… But if you want live notifications, and don’t want to install google play store to get that functionality, you can use the rapid ring app for that.

But this is silly and people are not dumb. They know something is shady and amiss.