Make playback transparent, allow tap to play/pause anywhere on screen

imilar to other video apps such as Youtube, the black play/pause bar that takes up 20% of the bottom of the history playback feature in phone app needs to be transparent so that you don’t miss action in the first three or so seconds. And, once you tap play, you should have an option for the bar to immediately disappear. You should also be able to tap anywhere on the screen bring up the play/pause bar and also tap anywhere to play/pause, rather than having to tap the actual button on the bar.


This would be VERY helpful!

I found this post when searching for a way to do just this. It’s aggravating to miss the first part of the recording, and then even more aggravating to back up … just to STILL not be able to dismiss the playback bar. Tapping on the screen does squat.

At bare minimum, update for the playback controls to dismiss when the user taps the screen, and then come back if the user taps again.

Yes, this is by far my biggest complaint. It absolutely impairs usability.