Make Doorbell notification priority over Motion detection!

(Video Doorbell 2) Doorbell notifications are often missed because the device is still in ‘Motion Detection’ mode.
Doorbell notification should always interrupt and take priority over Motion detection. We’ve missed several deliveries and calls due to this.

Why would this not be obvious? I have contacted tech support who don’t seem to realise this is actually a problem!

This sounds just like the problem I am having with my Peephole doorbell. I often get movement notification on the Android App but then when someone presses the doorbell I don’t always get notified. Surely it’s common sense that if someone approaches your door you will obviously be notified of movement but not necessarily want to open the door, but if they then press the doorbell you will want to be notified and act accordingly

Probably related to this issue

Further to my last reply I have noticed the following using the Android app.

As there is often a delay in sounding the motion detected sound the visitor can press the doorbell just as the motioned detected sound is playing. In these situations the doorbell ring sound is never played.

As previously mentioned the doorbell rind sound should always have priority of if this is not possible it should be played immediately after the movement detected sound.