Major motion not detected Ring 2nd Gen

I have been in contact with customer support for almost one month now trying to solve this issue and it’s driving me insane.

Things done sofar:

Device is mounted at 1,5 meter instead of the recommended 1,20 meter so on advice of support i’ve installed a WIG to compensate the angle, but still major motion was not detected, people with a dog walking by were detected, but a car parking directly infront of my door was not.

Then support send me a complete new device and swapped the entire Doorbel for a new one, but still the issue remains.

This still happens alot (day/night no difference), i do notice this happens alot with darker colored cars only, dark blue, black, but this also could be a coincidence, i don’t know.

Everything is set to the max, motion zone’s are ok, detection from 5 to 15 feet from my door. wel within viewing area.

What should/can i do/try?

Last thing i want is to go out and find another brand.

Hi @Sjenkie2020. If possible, I would try relocating the Doorbell to be at the recommended mounting height. This will yield the best results. Additionally, adjust the Motion Frequency will ensure that your device captures every motion, so there is no dwell time in between recordings. I hope this offers some improvement!


Thank you for responding to my issue, your suggestion is the same as what support suggested me to do, but i am limited to the 1m50, i cannot lower the doorbell because of the wiring that comes out of the brick wall at that height, so in order to compensate the height they sent me a wig kit, the door bell is now slightly tilted downwards.

The device is wired, and less the 30 centimeters away from the Wifi AP.

I’m using a 12v AC / 500mA Adapter to power the device, and check the battery levels multiple times a day, this never drops below 65%… but could it be a reason for decreased performance?

I still have a Friedland 12v AC 1000mA adapter laying around which i could install if needed.

Motion frequency is set to frequent.

I still cannot understand why the 30 centimeters lower would make that much difference in the motion being detected yes/no.

I would be really interested in a technical explanation and a view of that and how the doobell actually detects motion, does it use PIR heatmapping or does it use pixel color variation ?

There is no debug option

It would be very handy to see somekind of debugging implemented so you can tweak easier by using that what the doorbel is actually seeing.

Thank you.

Hi @Sjenkie2020. For a technical explanation of how our Ring Doorbell detects motion, I would contact our support team. One of our advanced support agent will surely be able to answer all of your technical questions about your doorbell.