Major bugs with Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cam in Light Groups

I’m having some major issues with with my Spotlight Cams and Floodlight Cams in Light Groups.

I have my cams in Light Groups set up to trigger the lights on with motion detected. As of yesterday, this was working find except for…

Bug #1: No matter what I set the Light Group timeout value to (currently 5 minutes), the lights turn off after 30 seconds. I’ve tried everything to fix this including removing lights from Ring, the Light Group, etc. Nothing in Lights -> selecting a group -> Settings -> Light Settings -> Auto-Shutoff Timer works other than 30s (so 1m/3m/5m do not work).

And out of the blue today, for some reason just my Floodlight Cams started having issues, leading to…

Bug #2: Floodlight Cams have stopped responding to any actions on the Light Group. That includes turning on/off the group where they do no respond, only the Spotlight Cams turn on/off, and of course any motion triggers to turn on that group. This just started on 6/2/2020 with no changes on my side (new firmware?).

There are some other minor bugs as well:

Bug #3: Can’t un-assign a Light Group from a camera (e.g. a Spotlight Cam) to “No Group Assigned” – selecting this value will just do nothing after saving the form and going back in.

Bug #4: Even after moving a light (e.g. a Spotlight Cam) from one Light Group to another, it responded to commands from both the old and new Light Groups. The only way I could fix this was to remove the Spotlight Cam from Ring and set it up as a new device.

This is not instilling a lot of confidence for me, especially since I have more smart lighting on the way and also found out it’s not possible to share smart lighting with my wife’s account.

Can Ring share more insight on these bugs and the roadmap for smart lighting?


I am having the same issue where the light will not respond to turning them on or off from teh group

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As of yesterday I am having the same problem. Also now I can not disarm my floodlight cameras in the mode settings.

I am having issues as well including video recordings freezing when playing back. What good is video of a crime that is frozen before the subject is close enough for ID?