Mailbox Sensor - Too Hot for 2-Sided Tape

Purchased the mailbox sensor a few months back and it has worked great until now. Unfortunately, the metal mailbox combined with the summer heat of the southwest, has seen the antenna constantly fall off the box. I have changed the tape several times at this point and it always ends the same way. For the time being, I have a bungee cord wrapped around the mailbox, to keep the antenna in place, but that’s not very appealing to the eye.

Any solutions would be appreciated.

I used hot melt glue. I had to unstick our antenna to spray paint it to blend to the mailbox. The cheap replacement tape I used failed after a day. Since there’s no electrical outlet near the curb, I heated up the glue gun at the nearest outlet. Then sprinted out the mail box and quickly squirted out 2 circles and slapped it on. YMMV the temperature in our area of southern California peaks in the high 80’s.


Thanks for working together on this, neighbors! Please be careful to not make any physical or permanent alterations that might damage the device, or result in unintended operation. If the current tape is not holding up due to high temperatures, feel free to visit your local hardware store for tape alternatives.

I appreciate you sharing your experiences, and will share this feedback with our teams here. :slight_smile: