macOS no Alert live video or event

In recent months (or year) the macOS app on Mojave 10.4.6 (MacBook Pro) and current Catalina (MacPro) more often than not will sound the wind-chime alert but when app opens there is no event. This event is viewable on iOS iPhone or iPad when I check. The event eventually appears on macOS.

Sometimes the event appears and video window opens just the way it should. I have not figured out why it works sometimes but not most of the time. Doesn’t seem to matter if the app is open at the time.

Possibly related: When events occur when the Macs are asleep, wind-chime alerts often sound immediately when the Mac awakes. Doesn’t bother to open video window but I can check the history to see video.

Hi @BlueCat! Thank you for sharing your experience in great detail. As this sounds to be intermittent, I recommend checking the activity monitor on your Mac the next time this occurs. This will allow you to see if something else on your device is processing or running and possibly conflicting with the operation of streaming or the Ring app. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled during these times.

It looks like you mentioned two devices that this happens with. If possible, try operating one via ethernet connection to see if real time events work better this way. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

One is on Ethernet, the other is WiFi. Doesn’t seem to matter.

“Intermittent” in that it rarely works right anymore. Video rarely follows on macOS when my iOS devices are chiming along with the notification manager on the macOS devices. On the Macs I get the alert but the app apparently does not always. Notification manager will open the app but the app has nothing new to display.

The activity list on Mac shows nothing happening when I don’t get live video prompted by the alert. However I can grab iPhone or iPad and see what I can not on Mac.