Mac Computer Ring App no longer receiving updates

Is Ring going to start sending updates to Mac IOS Ring App for Desktops? I depend on this app due to the pop up notifications on my desktop and I CAN NOT get the same from the website. I recently added new devices and I am unable to see them due to this APP is not getting the updates that it needs. Sure it could have used some updates like multiple views for live feed but it worked great to let me know what was happening around my property. I am seriously thinking of canceling my account due to losing this APP. Might as well delete the APP from the store so users don’t get their hopes up on an APP that no longer provides.

Hi @CDurn27. You can find more information on the discontinuation of the Ring App in our Community Post here. We also have a Help Center Article here with this information as well. Additionally, our most recent update on the updates to the dashboard can be found here. I hope you find this information helpful, and thank you for sharing your feedback.