Low signal strength motion sensor to bridge

So far I have only one device connected to the bridge. It’s a motion sensor.

The bridge is 15 ft from the motion sensor. The only obstruction is the outside wall of the house.

The best sensor to bridge signal is only -70.

It functions properly, but shouldn’t the signal level be higher? The bridge and motion sensor aren’t near other devices that would interfere except a Doorbell 2 that is a few feet from the motion sensor.

I have additional smart lighting products that haven’t been setup. I want to mount these additional products further away from the bridge and where there will be more obstructions.

How low can the signal level be and still have reliable communication with the bridge?

These are great questions @F50 ! The RSSI values for Smart Lighting, compared to one of our security cameras, are much different. Smart Lighting devices operate on a long range frequency. As long as the RSSI remains below -90, there should be no performance issues.

When considering where to place Smart Lighting devices, keep in mind a Motion Sensor uses much smaller batteries compared to the Pathlight or Floodlight Battery which uses 4D batteries. This will give the Motion Sensor slightly less strength in comparison to those powered or larger battery Smart Lighting devices. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or concerns!

After power cycling the bridge the sensor to bridge RSSI improved from -70 to -58. Thanks for letting me know that even -90 is ok.

The reason I suspected something was wrong with a -70 RSSI in my case it that I activated the sensor inside the house where the RSSI was in the -50 range. Then I moved it just a couple of feet outside the wood and glass front door where it dropped to -70. Given the nature of the Smart Lighting radio signal, such a large drop through a door didn’t make sense. Fortunately it was easily resolved.

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