Low resolution from camera

I think i’m having a poorer than expected resolution as per attached video. This is on a Stick-Up cam Elite connected through PoE direct to a PoE Switch (Ubiquiti). Both power and Internet are through this Ethernet cable.

Thank you for this video example, @amanga! Great call on utilizing the PoE for both network and power supply. This should certainly result in the best possible video. After looking at this video example, it seems image may be sufficient, but the lighting might be causing the lens to adjust to the brightness a little bit. Does this video get clearer if you change lighting or the angle of view in comparison of walls/ ceilings?

It’s nothing to do with the lighting as far as I can tell. 3x Stick Up Cam Elite the same as you described. Mine too are powered and connected using PoE p. On live view, pixilated/blurred image, stepping on straight lines. On playback, it is blurry until it is paused then played again sometimes. Occasionally on playback it has a wifi symbol with an exclamation mark through it and says ‘poor connection’ in the top left hand corner. If I download the video, it’s perfectly fine. The first picture from a few days ago, the second showing the blurring.