Low Battery Notice on a Wired Stick Up Cam?

Same problem. Mine are only 1 week old and 2 days ago started saying critically low battery. Please share if they respond to you. I sent an email last night, but not holding my breath.

Both of my outdoor cameras started to give me the same message today. They still work though. Hope the issue gets fixed soon!

Mine are brand new, did the firmware upgrade and waited for blue light to stop flashing. I’m disabled so had to get someone to install them outside as need them high up. Called ring yesterday and they said to press the reset button to go into set up mode why I cannot do and will have to pay someone again to come with a ladder to press the button.

Took my camera out of the box today. Starter setup and am experiencing the same issue!

I’m having the same issue only way to get it working was to use a spare battery in there but the cheek of it shows mains still It appears to me if there aint a terminal making contacting inside the camera thinks something is wrong Maybe these should have simple battery for mains use

HI neighbors! Thank you for this information. We have the team reviewing this thread and collecting more information. Can you please confirm this is effecting Live View and how your device functions? Not just an error in the app? Thank you!

On both of mine it will not allow me to do anything. Says they are off line as battery is flat. I am now getting a WiFi symbol which a line through it where they used to be a red battery sign. If I click on the green battery it says the battery ran out power. The device is now offline.

Similer issue but it will not record any motion regardless of the settings.

Your last firmware update must have made the battery a requirement even when powered by an outlet.

Ploy to sell more batteries ?

Amazon is out of them currently or id have bought one as my 2nd camera purchased at the same time with a battery does not have this issue.

I think the functionality of the wired camera depends on how long you’ve had it installed. My wired camera was totally useless when installed due to the “low battery issue” until the previous update of the Ring app fixed that bug then my wired camera was fully functional.

Since the latest update of the Ring app, my wired camera still functions in Live View but does not seem to raise any motion alerts. It DOES respond to Linked events from my Smart Lights or Ring Doorbell. It shows the Critically Low Battery warning but Device Health shows a full green battery icon and proper Power Source. It appears the latest Ring app update backleveled the wired camera “low battery” fix from that previous update.

I think many folks here who have recently installed the wired camera with the latest Ring app are in that same “broken” state I was initially because they cannot complete device setup due to the “low battery” issue. Since my wired camera successfully completed setup with the previous update which fixed the issue, I’m mostly functional (except motion alerts but since my lights are detecting motion, the camera will record due to Linked events) now with the latest Ring app.

Attached are some screenshots (some info removed for security)

Why does my wired camera say it needs charging and now I can’t do anything with it until it’s charged, but it’s wired?

I have the same issue. Started a few weeks ago. I do not have a battery in the wired stick up cam.

Live View access is intermittent. When they do connect it takes up to a minute, but I can see motion alert recordings and snapshot capture.

Both of my wired cameras say “Critically Low Battery”

I have called several times and have not received an answer for it. I was told by Ring that it was put on the priority list.

I installed the camera on 04/25 and it worked for ten minutes. The picture is still stuck from 04/25, I have no access to any featues on it, and it reads “Critically Low Battery” even though it is a plug-in.

I also sent (2) screenshots as was requested by Ring. I asked every time I called for someone to review this forum to see all the people that have been having this issue.

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Any update on this issue? I’m experiencing the same problem. I went to exchange it to My local BestBuy today and the new one is having the same issues. The stick up cam connects the first minute and stop working afterwards. I found i have to reset the wifi connection effectively having to completely reset the device in order to get it to work, but falls back on the same disconnection issue. This is a plug-in but the app warns of a “critical low battery”, this doesn’t make sense.

Two new plugged in stickup cams on 4/23. Both had the low battery warning from install and per this thread and response, I didn’t worry about it, even though it is clearly not supposed to work that way. Now one has gone offline - please see attached.

What is the solution @Ring team? This is an issue that needs resolution please. Thanks!

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Please see my message below, Marley. This is now forcing cameras to go offline.

My plug in stick up cameras still support live viewing and are recording activty while showing the low battery icon as of now.

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I installed 3 new plug-in stick up cams yesterday, and all 3 show as critically low battery. They seem to work normally otherwise, but it’s kind of annoying to see the low battery icon all the time.

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This first started 03.31.20 and has been happening again now for several days . Ring quality has gone downhill fast in the last 4 months.

It’s not just the wired Stick Up Cameras. The same issue is happening on my battery stick up. My batteries have been fully charged and I have replaced them a number of times. Same issue remains.

I have reset the device. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Still a warning and still no love view via the Ring app and Rapid Ring. However, Alexa allows live view upon request.

I think it’s an app bug that needs a patch. I don’t like paying for a subscription and things don’t work the way they should. I’d like to see what’s going on wherever I am via my phone.