Low Battery Notice on a Wired Stick Up Cam?

I have had the same problem with my wired stick up cam and found it still picks up alerts despite telling me the battery is low!
I decided to leave it for a week to see if it got fixed but nice to see the error is now recognised.

Got the same issue strangely on just one out of the two Ring Plug In Stick Up Cams. It just started a few days ago and the main screen will not update and you cant view live mode. Power cycled it and still wont work. Has to be a software update.

Update - The Stick Up Cam is now working. Not sure what happened but all is well now. Thanks!

I also have the same problem on one of my wired stickup cam. Other same model camera works just fine. Hopefully it can be fixed with a firmware update.

I’m having this issue. I bought a 3pack from Costco and all of the cameras are plugged in and all won’t let me view “live” because the app says the battery is critically low. Hello, there aren’t any batteries. They are all plugged in! Interestingly, I shared the camera feeds with my wife and she is able to view live through her app…but she has NO privileges. Something is WONKY with these cams. I’m about ready to take them all back after reading the many reports of this problems since 2020 and no visible solutions. Anybody out there have a solution? So frustrating!

We had this issue some time ago with a plugged in stick up cam that has no battery not allowing us to use live view because the battery is low. All of a sudden the issue has returned again. This is getting old we need to fix for this.

My second camera which was working fine, even though my other was having the low battery issue, has now gone the same way.

I can’t live view either now. Nobody from Ring support has been back in touch. Really disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any update on a fix.

RING SUPPORT - Can someone update on what’s going on?

Hi Tom.

Both my cameras are showing this same error, which it appears is affecting a lot of people. Are you able to update or advise what’s going on?

Not having live view on the cameras is a nightmare. I use it regularly. I have all ring devices around my property, but now with this issue half of my security systems are down.

Please can an update be provided urgently?

Hi neighbors! We appreciate you sharing your concern about this. As Tom mentioned, we have forwarded this information over to the team that works with our Stick-Up Cam so they can look into it further. You can also always reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here as well. Whenever we do have an update available, we’ll be sure to share it in this thread. Thanks for your patience in this matter. :slight_smile: