Low Battery Notice on a Wired Stick Up Cam?

Wierd how my low battery alert came on and Im hardwired. THis seems to be a trend here

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I am having the same issues. Three phone calls to Ring Customer Service and still no resolution. Each time they act like they have never heard of this problem before.

My camera was just installed in January, wired stick up camera inside the house. I am also getting the critically low battery level alert and it wont let me live view but the stupid thing records motion and gives motion alerts. Called Ring customer service and she troubleshooted it, basically had me remove the device which I had already tried and add it back in and then delete the Ring app and reinstall it. Neither of those worked. Then she tells me, she is very sorry that is the only troubleshooting methods she has available to her and she has written up a ticket and has sent it on to the Ring Team. I thought that was who I was talking to!!! So now what they have a sourced out their calls to a 3rd party company hired to troubleshoot for the customers and if they cant rectify the issue, your SOL until an actual ring technician can troubleshoot it and get back to you. If I had known that when I was buying all the Ring equipment I bought and paid for annual monitoring service that customer service is this archaic, I would have went with a security company that you can reach an actually reach an actual tech from that company to help you. She tells me it could be up to 3 days before I hear from someone on this and she hates to leave me without my security camera but to watch for an email. Seriously!!! Not good customer service so far, not impressive!

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Having same problem stickup cam says battery is critically low live view is disabled. Problem is the battery is fully charged when installed in my other cameras so what gives?

I have the same issue here. A wired is indicating that the battery is low. Live functionality is disabled- not pleased at all.
Grtz. Joop

Same problem, just started today. “Live View is disabled because CameraName has a low battery”.

Stickup Cam gen 3, hardwired, no battery, been working fine for nearly a year. Camera is working fine otherwise - detects and records motion, and I can even force it into showing me a live view if I click on the motion alert. So it’s not a hardware issue - it’s a software issue on Amazon’s end.

My wired camera just gave me the same error message today as well. What is going on? The rep on the phone continued to tell me to charge my battery. I had to hang up on him!

Same issues today with stickup camera and door bell. Both are hard wired and show that they are on battery.

Same problem! Low battery warning on a plug in camera! 408 complaints on this thread alone! How many people have to complain to get this issue fixed! I was planning on buying more cameras for around the house, but it would be foolish to do so now! FIX THIS ISSUE RING!!!

Same problem here as everyone above. Everything was ok up until tonight. I need the live view because I use it to monitor my driveway in real time. Having the recorded video to review after the fact is not the same as watching live. Ring, please fix problem ASAP. By the way, I’m live in a very hot area, could heat be a factor? The heat seemed to affect my solar pathway lights, I had to get several replacements that were still under warranty…thank goodness. Now I have to bring the lights inside whenever the temperature goes above 100F so the batteries (made in China) doesn’t get fried.

Same problem. I have two wired cameras and they started showing low battery this morning. This looks more like a software/firmware problem.

Solved solved

I called ring, they are sending a replacement, 3rd replacement in 2 years, for the same issue

I have three stick up cameras and one of them gave me the low battery notification. But they are all wired. What should I do?

Add me to the list. Gen 3 Stick Up Cam Wired also telling me the battery is low and refusing to show Live View. It’s worked perfectly fine for six months - I doubt it just realized it doesn’t use a battery. I uninstalled it, re-installed it, let it update its firmware - all to no effect. There’s power to it, and it captures events; but there’s no Live View as it should have. This pretty much makes it a paperweight. That there are numerous complaints about this demonstrates the problem is on Ring’s end, not on the individual owner’s ends. What’s your solution, Ring?

My two stick-up cams plug-in no longer work for me either!
Neither the recording nor a live view !!
Nothing works anymore. It only shows that the battery is too weak even though a power adapter is connected.
Just junk !! 200 € just thrown out !!

I’m glad it’s not just me…. My 3rd gen camera has worked fine for over 2 years and then 3 days ago just comes up ‘live view disabled due to low battery’ - it’s wired and always has been.

Called Ring & went through normal IT checks & reboot/reset. No change.

How annoying, as told I have to wait for an email/contact back from second line support.

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Encountered this “low battery preventing live view access” issue in the past couple days, prevented me from “Live View” mode. If an alert occurred I was able to access live view but not directly from the dashboard. Noticed that the error mentioned something to do with my “solar panel” (which I do not use, I have a wall plug powering my device). After reading through this thread, and removing/adding the device (did not fix) I decided to revert to battery mode; I can now access live mode from dashboard. Will revert back to wired mode later today to see if the issue persists once off the battery.

I’ve had the exact same issue and subsequent response from Ring Support. (Wait for email from support) I’ve worked on this device for several hours today, resetting, changing SDN settings, and even replacing the entire power cord and charging base which I thought could be an issue. Turns out this is some kind of internal issue at Ring. I’ll keep this new charger set as it’s a longer cord, but hoping to be able to get a live view soon. I can see the camera snapshot from the dashboard when accessing account using the browser, but I get absolutely no images whatsoever using the app.

Same problem… 3rd gen stick up cam hard wired; functions but no live view indicates critically low battery; camera live view has worked for months; problem started last few days

Hey neighbors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve forwarded this information to the team that works with our Stick-Up Cam for further investigation. If you have any other questions while we dive into this concern, don’t hesitate to ask! You can always reach our support team at one of the numbers available here as well. :slightly_smiling_face: