Loud noise from ring 2 and stick up cam


I get a loud noise from my devices whenever there is any doorbell ring or motion events from both my ring doorbell 2 and my stick up cam… I recorded the noise from the doorbell and posted it - https://youtu.be/T78iiZbwVvk - it is the same noise from the camera.

I noticed this right around when I changed my wifi network, I have tried resetting / rejoining the devices and get the same behavior. Could this be caused by a particular 802.11 setting, band, etc.? My Ring devices are on a separate SSID and I can configure it however I need to. I think there were also some ring firmware updates around the same time, not sure what might be causing this, but I’m assuming it’s related to either the wifi or a firmware change, and resetting the devices didn’t help. I see a -45 RSSI at the doorbell, and a -60 RSSI at the camera, but both exhibit the same behavior.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @criling. Thank you for sharing this experience, as well as an example video! This is very helpful for us to isolate this further and see what could be causing this concern on both of your devices. It definitely seems like it may be network related, as it is happening on both devices. If you could, please check out our Ring Help Center Article here on ports and protocols to see if making these adjustments helps the audio quality. After making the adjustments let me know how it is!